Zach Schickler. Programmer. Student. Creator.

About Zach

Zach Schickler is currently a student attending the University of Central Florida, with a major in Computer Science. He has a passion for all things video games. Zach has experience collaborating with teams to produce video games, and he is currently with a team developing an entirely new game.

Aside from just making games, Zach also has ample experience in other computer related fields. He has spent time as a data scientist, and he has worked with many languages and tools that are standard in the industry. For a full list, please refer to Zach's resume, which can be found here.

Most importantly, Zach is a creator. He wants to help others through the products that he develops, and he wants to bring joy to the players through the games that he works on.


Please visit Zach on his other platforms.
If you ever want to reach out to him, he is more than happy to talk.