A look into Zach Schickler's works.


Court of the Crimson King is a 2D rougelike with turn based combat and procedurally generated dungeons. The game was made in one semester by Zach and his two teammates, Michael Ferrara and Pranav Sharma. The game pairs a typical dungeon crawling experience with an eccentric musical theming to create an unusal rougelike experience.

The game was built with Unity. A blog consisting of game updates and development history can be found here, as well as the game's initial proposal.

A Spooky Adventure

A Spooky Adventure is an interactive coding visual novel that was made for UCF's 2018 STEM Day event. It was developed by Zach as part of a demo for elementary school kids to learn about the basics of coding, as well as play through a Halloween themed game.

The game was built with Love2D, a game engine for Lua. For any questions on how you can use this demo for your own students, please contact Zach.

ELLE Mobile

Zach's current game project is a mobile app being developed for both iOS and Android. He is working on a team with Reinaldo Villasmil and Jinyu Pei as part of his Senior Design project.

The game is being built in Unity and is part of a larger series of ELLE games that are going to be used in classrooms to teach students foreign languages in an easy to digest manner.

Details on this game will be updated soon.

Untitled Moba

Zach is currently leading the development of a new game that he started. He is working together with Brian Koehler, a University of Florida student.

The game is being built in Unity and will join together two popular genres of video games. The game will combine the MOBA game style seen in popular games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 with the militarized universes seen in games like the Call of Duty series.

A full blog for the game can be found here.